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Larry L. Toliver

Pastor Larry L. Toliver had his first encounter with God as a young child.  Although he wasn't always living according to the Word of God as a young adult; the Holy Spirit was drawing him.  Larry continued to attend church regularly.  He surrendered his life to God after meeting his wife to be, and attending San Jose Word of Faith Christian Center with her, days after they met.  He heard the Word of God preached and taught with authority and power.  From that point, he delved into the scriptures.  His life changed for the better.  He was baptized in the Holy Spirit.  He began to stand on the Word, and exercise his faith.  He started witnessing miracles in his life and those of his loved ones. He began working in the church.  Through the years he has held many positions in the church, from Praise Team member, to Deacon, to Minister, and now, Pastor.  Pastor Larry is a lover of God's Word.  He is a teacher of the Word.  He has a big heart for people, and desires for everyone to know Jesus.  He is an evangelist at heart!  Larry has been very successful in the field of sales, for over 35 years.  He is now using that talent to bless, and minister to, the people of God.  Pastor Larry has been married to his best friend, Elder Leslie R. Toliver, for 32 years. Pastor Larry has grown closer to God through good times and not so good times.  His faith in God has kept him on top.

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