The Voice of Zion

August 29, 2020

 Issue 20-1

Fasting & Prayer Mountain

Sitting by the Unclothed Tree

By Shirley Taylor

October 5th was a very low-spirited day for me; as my terminally ill dad lay in the hospital.  It was only a matter of time before his life here on earth would soon expire.  For several days prior, my thoughts were paralyzed with fear, for what I was about to face and experience.  I surely was not prepared.  This was the day Zion Ministries had already planned a morning trip to Fasting & Prayer Mountain.  I was too nervous to go; but at the same time, I wanted to be delivered.  I remember Elder Leslie Toliver saying, "You can be a blessing in your father's transition to Heaven, his new home".  My heart would not allow me to understand what person in their right mind would want to partake in this.  Even so, I knew it was crucial to go to the mountaintop, and kept trying to convince myself that I needed to get there.  After prayer time was over, we spent alone time inhaling God's beauty; and I realized it was time to leave.  Yet, there was still fear within me; and I didn't want to leave the mountaintop, for I knew what was waiting for me.  As I was leaving, there was a bench.  I sat there lost, hurt, confused, and surrounded by hundreds of trees; but there was a thin tree standing alone, excluded from the rest of the trees.  It was this tree that caught my attention.  Then I heard a whisper in my ear.

God: I need your prayer time - no distraction.  Listen to the wind.  Enjoy and relax, unwind and give your thoughts to me.  Look around you.  What do you see?  What do you hear?  I am speaking to you; can you hear me?  Fear not, I am with you.

Me: I see you Lord.  I realized I was talking to God.

God: Rest in me.  I will give you peace. Don't worry what people will say.  I know the road you need to take.  This all belongs to me.  Look at the trees.  Do they dance when they are asked?  Do they stand still for me and wait in obedience?

Me: I understand God.  Why worry about things or situations I have no control over? 

God: Now go down from the mountain and know I am with you always.

Me: I will go.  Thank you, Lord.

God: You are welcome, daughter.

Me: God spoke to me!  I was so overwhelmed with His presence; and His Spirit calmed my spirit.

God: Look at me.  Why are you crying?  Don't you know who I am?  Look around you.  I created the earth.  Look at the sky.  I created that.  You can't see the wind; but you know it exists because you can feel it.  I am here.

My revelation:

Soon afterward I received a call from the doctors to come quickly.  My dad's passing time was near; and I had promised him I would be there until the end.  Sometimes God will speak to you at the oddest places, and unpredicted times.  For me, it was at the mountain, staring upon a thin, nearly unclothed tree, surrounded by a family of large trees, full and brushing together.

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