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Servant Leaders

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Leslie R. Toliver

Elder Leslie Toliver began her walk with the Lord in May of 1984, while attending a Bible study at San Jose Word of Faith Christian Center. Not having been raised in the church, Leslie was immediately attracted by the power of the preaching of the Word of God. She confessed salvation, and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. She had an insatiable hunger and thirst for the Word of God. In January 1987, she was led to hold a prayer meeting for women. Women came from various denominations to pray. What began as a one-night prayer meeting evolved into a 33-year adventure. Elder Leslie was ordained in 1987.  She has a sincere passion to equip God’s people with the knowledge of who they are in Christ Jesus, and to assist them in using their spiritual weapons. She enjoys using the talents and gifts God gave her to bless and encourage others. Elder Leslie has been married for 32 years to Pastor Larry L. Toliver, her friend and partner in ministry.


Jode A. Johnson

After growing up in a small town in southern Minnesota, Jode moved to Minneapolis to pursue a degree in Accounting. Her employment experience allowed her the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in multiple industries, such as insurance, construction, and non-profit organizations. In 2002, God opened some doors to relocate to sunny California; and in 2007 she was led to a small church on a corner, in San Jose, CA.  It was there she met Elder Leslie R. Toliver, who began mentoring her and teaching her the Word.  She was encouraged to step out in faith and begin to share her gifts.  In August of 2012, Jode graduated from Impact! School of Ministry.  Jode is a founding member of Zion Ministries, serving faithfully for nine years.  Some of her responsibilities in the ministry include ushering, audio/visual assistance, Assault Team (evangelism), The Voice of Zion (newsletter), Treasurer, website maintenance, and service in other areas.

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