Servant Leaders

James H. Osborn

James H. Osborn  was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, MI.  His grandparents introduced him to church when he was a child. At 17, with his mother's permission, he joined the Marines.  After serving, he migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1980. Without the presence of his natural father, James found himself in need of the love and wisdom to take him through life, while avoiding some of its pitfalls.  Even though he didn't realize it at those times; James has been the recipient of the abundant grace of Jesus Christ.  He has lived through great challenges and loss; but God has been faithful.  With each loss there has been restoration.  James married his wife Lynne in November of 2008; and the Lord added children and grandchildren to his family.  They attended Good News Fellowship where they were involved in several ministries.  In 2016, they relocated to Fremont, CA. In January of 2020, James began attending Zion Ministries with his wife.  He works alongside Lynne, leading Zion's Children's Ministry.

Lynne R. Osborn

Lynne R. Osborn was born and raised in San Francisco, CA.  Although she was raised in church, and her grandfather was a minister, during her teen years she ventured off the path.  As a young adult she didn't take her walk with God seriously.  In the year 2000, Lynne was invited to Good News Fellowship in Daly City, CA.  She began taking her walk seriously and became involved in various ministries.  During a Father's Day service Lynne was baptized in the Holy Spirit; and the experience changed her life.  One of the desires of her heart was to be married to a man of God.  During this time Lynne met James Osborn on a blind date.  They were married in November of 2008.  Lynne and her husband James were involved in several ministries, including audio-visual, janitorial, and administrative. Lynne was invited to attend Zion Ministries Christian Center in 2019.  A few weeks later she invited her husband; and they became members shortly after.  She works alongside her husband, James, leading Children's Ministry.

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