You are Enough!

By Leslie Salazar

It was my first time visiting Prayer Mountain.  Its beauty and peacefulness were evident while driving up.  I got off the car and breathed in the calmness.  This quiet place was surrounded by tall trees, an array of different flowers, and vegetation that the Lord created just for our pleasure!

After finding a nice quiet area to sit, I stared into the sea of trees that were in front of me; and then He began to speak to me, using the trees.  The Lord told me how the trees don't think about whether their leaves are green enough, or if there are enough leaves on their branches.  He designed the trees exactly how they are supposed to be; and He purposed them to do just what they do.  Then the Lord said . . . You have everything you need.  Yes, you are fully-equipped.

I know this is for someone who may think that they are not enough.  You are fully-equipped; and the Lord wants to use you!

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